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The Doctor Movie Essay - 825 Words

The Doctor Movie (Essay Sample) Content: REFLECTION ON `THE DOCTOR` BY WILLIAM HURTStudent naneInstitution of affiliationAbstractThis article represents a review on care on the movie the doctor by William hurt. This movie, which shows conversion Jack from a non-compassionate to compassionate doctor, shows the evolvement of care from the undesired care to desired care. In the article, Jacks theory of care is looked into and how he treated patients, family and interns before he got cancer and after he became sick. Besides, Jack is ranked according to Eric Ericksonà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s stages of emotional development at the ego integrity versus despair. In addition the non-compassionate attitude of Jack at the beginning of the movie and how it changed to compassionate. Finally, this article describes strategies to overcome the poor practice depicted in the doctor.Keywords: Eric Erickson, theory of care, attitude, the doctorIntroductionThe doctor revolves around the practice and lives of Jack mckee a successful heart sur geon. Despite this, he treats his patients with sarcasm and disrespect, he is detached from family and teaches students with flawless. However, the events of life overturn, Jack is forced to view life from the patientà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s perspective after he faces a life-threatening tumor. In this state, he meets a chronically ill patient by the name June who is encouraged to help is after this Jack starts to realize the necessity of showing kindness to patients in the practice. He then commits to serve his patient and family with compassion if he survives the tumor more compassion if he survives.The theory of care according to JackAccording to care provided by Jack care should be individual based. Initially, he teaches the interns that care is about getting to the patient fixing the patient's problem and get out(Randa, 1991). This means the patient and the caregiver should not be in contact emotionally. Besides he discourages against getting too close to the people one cares for as such will demean science. This is also portrayed in the way he treats the family and other health care staff. Literally, Jack`s theory of care can be equated to the care of patients as a name on the name list. Besides, jacks theory of care shows egocentrism even to what Jack teaches interns.However, this changes when Jack becomes sick, it is during this time that he emphasizes empathy and compassionate care. According to the new theory of care, care should cater for the particular needs of the patientJacks stage in life according to Erickson's theoryJack in the doctor is portrayed as a person in the stage of Ego integrity versus despair according to Eric Erickson` theory of emotional development. Jack is a successful surgeon being among the best heart surgeon at his hospital, in addition, he has achieved quite a lot in the society both materialistically and family wise. This makes him treat the patients as a person who is detached from them; in addition, his theatre is very casual and has very loud country and rock music(Randa, 1991). Furthermore, his teaching portrays him as a person who has achieved a lot and does not want to be associated with others. This explains an egocentric who does not care to be associated with others due to achievements in life. However, at the sick bed, Jack realizes the need to be considerate to others since he feels how bad he treated his patients, family, and interns. In fear that he will die uncaring doctor, he vows to commit to care of the patient if he recovers from his illnessJack`s attitude in the movie and how it evolved after illnessThe doctor potrays jack as a person of two but very different attitudes, one at the start of the movie and another at the end. Initially, Jack is displays dispassionate surgeon attitude, which is contemporary to the healthca...

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Inequality and Poverty Essay - 2976 Words

Imagine that you and your next door neighbor were going to run a foot race. Then, your neighbors friend holds you stationery until your neighbor has completed a great portion of the race. Finally, your neighbors friend releases you so that you may complete in the race. Sprinting vigorously and freely, it would be nearly impossible to win. Could you win or at minimum, could you be any type of competition? This analogy is equivalent to the governmental position taken in the 1960s particularly 1968Ââ€"the year that the Civil Rights Act was enacted. But, why mention the Civil Rights Act, everyone is equal now right? Wrong! The act was a success on paper, but failed to do the most important thing, and that is to give people in poverty†¦show more content†¦As many minorities seek to attain wealth and status in America they are strained to leave any cultural or traditional ways behind closed doors when they enter into the workplace. Many do this to avoid being excluded, and as an attempt to become more equal to other fellow work colleagues, also many feel that white supremacy still exists- even in a subtle way. Nonetheless, once one accomplishes such a difficult task, the obstacle of earning a substantial income to maintain a decent standard of living is still a grueling task. According to Professor Harris, a teacher of political science at San Jose State University, approximately 60% of jobs in America are obtained through personal relationships and associations. This notion demonstrates that because many non-minority groups own businesses, and they tend to hire relatives and the like -many minorities are often excluded from attaining the better position within a company, and because many minority families we not able to leave a legacy for their family members to carry on, many minorities often miss out on opportunities to also be able to create a legacy that can continue to thrive- and the cycle continues. Today, many families in America work several jobs just to make ends meet; yet, sometimes the ends dont meet. As the financial vice tightens, more minorities are resorting to menial sources of employment such as janitorial, or parking attendants, or car wash employees. Notably affirmative action it isShow MoreRelatedPoverty Inequality And Poverty And Inequality875 Words   |  4 Pagesimportant concepts which are poverty and inequality. Both inequality and poverty have mainly negatives impacts in the society therefore, it is almost a prerequisite to have an understanding of both for the sake of reduce them accurately. The first purpose of the essay is to give a thorough understanding of what poverty and inequality are. The second purpose is to display some similarity between poverty and inequality. Poverty Primarily, a simple definition of poverty is highly questionableRead MoreInequality : Inequality And Poverty1729 Words   |  7 Pages Inequality and poverty exist in our society because wealth and opportunity are inherited. If we all entered the world with an equal amount of resources, some would still rise above others but everyone would get the same chance to succeed in life. Since greed is one of the norms of our society, and wealth is passed from generation to generation, there will always be inequality and poverty. The system of wealth and inequality is actually pretty simple. It all boils down to a few things what youRead MorePoverty Inequality : Poverty And Income Inequality1526 Words   |  7 PagesPoverty Income Inequality How do we balance the assistance we give the poor but do not discourage work? The labor markets which determine how much workers are paid do not take into consideration how much a family really requires to pay for all expenses like health care, clothes, food, housing, and transportation. The labor markets actually create inequalities of income and as a result create issues leading to poverty. Poverty is measured by the U.S. Census Bureau as a direct result of the OfficeRead MoreThe Inequality Of Poverty And Poverty1558 Words   |  7 PagesWhy is it that the people in poverty have such a tough time getting out of it? â€Å"Income inequality in the United States is higher than in any other advanced industrial democracy† (Lieberman). In America the poverty gap is continuously increasing throughout the years and no sense of progression is being shown. People in poverty are finding it harder every year to escape their low economic stage . When it comes to poverty it does not mea n just having a low income it is a â€Å"condition of having littleRead MorePoverty Inequality And The Poverty2877 Words   |  12 Pagescause poverty because of the inequality and unfairness they bring. The country is put to blame for the governments and nations decisions. The people themselves can also be put at fault for poverty because of population but, some can not help it. This affects the poverty threshold, the people, and the number of people in poverty. Poverty can be solved with the help of organizations, the government or the president, and happy volunteers who would be willing to do a lot for these people. Poverty is aRead MorePoverty and Inequality2265 Words   |  10 Pagesown family and take care of it. Because of the inequality, making more inequality and poverty arises. When women are not educated, although they are given the chance to seek for jobs, they only can do simple jobs that make them have only a low bargaining power over their wages. Although women are earning income, but their purchasing power is still low and have less ability to buy their basic goods. However, in the modern society now, the gender inequality has become lesser and the equality is even improvingRead MoreInequality Between Poverty And Poverty1139 Words   |  5 Pageslast two decades in ending the terms of inequalities and poverty. Many countries are determined to improve their economy, and become fully developed just like the United States. In my home country, Kuwait, poverty do not exist, however, inequalities do. Some of the countries that have done well in the recent past include China, India, Brazil, and South Korea. However, poverty and inequalities are still being realized in the wealthy nation. Poverty and inequalities in the society are the two main factorsRead MorePoverty Inequality : Economic Inequality1509 Words   |  7 PagesCombating Economic Inequality Economic Inequality When you turn on the news nowadays, some of America’s biggest problems are right there flashing across your screen. However, the increasing issue of inequality that our country is facing doesn’t seem to get quite the attention it deserves. The disproportion of lower and middle class families to wealthier families, due to economic inequality, is in dire need of a solution! So how do you fix a struggling economy between the classes? ProfessorsRead MoreIncome Inequality And Poverty989 Words   |  4 Pagesâ€Å"Income inequality has no necessary connection with poverty, the lack of material resources for a decent life, such as adequate food, shelter, and clothing. A society with great income inequality may have no poor people, and a society with no income inequality may have nothing but poor people† - Robert Higgs. When people think of income inequality they picture poverty and people not having basic necessities. However income inequality is not just a connection to the poor. Income inequality is stronglyRead MorePoverty in America and Inequality798 Words   |  3 Pagesâ€Å"Poverty is the worst form of violence.† Mahatma Gandhi’s words still ring true in today’s society. Poverty is nothing to sweep under the rug or put on the back burner. While many statistics state that poverty is decreasing, other sources state the opposite. Poverty is a hot topic in the U.S., foreign countries, and speaks true about many genders, ethnic groups, and children. Poverty is present in today’s U.S. social system. For example, as Lesser states in the Clearinghouse Review, â€Å"Forty-six

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Essay on The Lottery by Shirley Jackson an Analysis

Ingrid Kouyialis EN102: Composition II Professor Eklund The Lottery by Shirley Jackson: An Analysis The short story â€Å"The Lottery† by Shirley Jackson was written in 1948 and takes place in a small town, on the 27th of June. In this story, the lottery occurs every year, around the summer solstice. All families gather together to draw slips of paper from a black box. When reading this story, it is unclear the full premise of the lottery until near the end. The heads of households are the first to draw a piece of paper from the black box. The paper with the black dot on it indicates which family is to draw again. Then pieces of paper for each family member are placed in the box and each family member must draw again from the†¦show more content†¦The black dot on the paper can also represent death, or the stones used to kill the chosen one. The three-legged stool can represent the nuclear family, father, mother, and children. Or it can be representative of the holy trinity, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Overall, the fact that Shirley Jackson describes these items in detail indicates there is greater meaning to them. The time of day and that the lottery is held every year on the 27th of June, plus the kind of day it was, also has a deeper meaning. Linda Wagner-Martin in her critical essay â€Å"The Lottery: Overview† states that â€Å"the reader is first lulled into an appreciation of the beautiful June 27th morning, when the 300 people of the village are gathering stones, positioning themselves to await the drawing†. This idyllic summer day quickly turns morbid and foreboding as the story continues. That the lottery takes place at 10:00 in the morning in order to end at 12:00 noon shows that the community has fallen from its state of perfection at 10:00 in the morning, but by noontime, â€Å"salvation, holiness and perfection are restored†, as the sun is in its high position of perfection, as per Schaub in her critical essay. The fact that the lottery is h eld the 27th of June each year is Ingrid Kouyialis – Page 3 also no coincidence. June 27th marks the season of theShow MoreRelatedAn Analysis Of The Lottery By Shirley Jackson744 Words   |  3 Pagesâ€Å"The Lottery† - For Analysis 1. There are multiple examples to suggest that â€Å"The Lottery† is a ritualistic ceremony. In several instances â€Å"The Lottery† is referred to as a ritual: â€Å" much of the ritual had been forgotten..† and â€Å"†¦because so much of the ritual had been forgotten†¦Ã¢â‚¬ . In addition, the ceremony happens annually on June 27th, a t0:00 a.m., suggesting a ceremonial quality. This happens with such regularity that the citizens â€Å"†¦only half listened to the directions†¦Ã¢â‚¬ . This ceremonyRead MoreThe Lottery By Shirley Jackson Analysis732 Words   |  3 PagesFollowing other people may have a positive or negative effect, but when it reaches a certain point where you blindly follow others it may not have a positive outcome. â€Å"The Lottery† made by Shirley Jackson is about a small community of villagers that gather together every year to perform a tradition. All of the villagers gather together and draw small sl ips of paper from a black wooden box, whoever draws the first slip with the black dot on it, their family has to draw first. Now all of the membersRead More Analysis of The Lottery by Shirley Jackson Essay693 Words   |  3 PagesAnalysis of The Lottery by Shirley Jackson â€Å"The Lottery† by Shirley Jackson was written in 1948. The story takes place in a village square of a town on June 27th. The author does not use much emotion in the writing to show how the barbaric act that is going on is look at as normal. This story is about a town that has a lottery once a year to choose who should be sacrificed, so that the town will have a plentiful year for growing crops. Jackson has many messages about human nature in this shortRead MoreLiterary Analysis Of The Lottery By Shirley Jackson910 Words   |  4 PagesLiterary Analysis of the Short Story â€Å"The Lottery† by Shirley Jackson Shirley Jackson explores the subject of tradition in her short story â€Å"The Lottery†. A short story is normally evaluated based on its ability to provide a satisfying and complete presentation of its characters and themes. Shirley describes a small village that engages in an annual tradition known as â€Å"the lottery†. Narrating the story from a third person point of view, Shirley uses symbolism, foreshadowing and suspense to illustrateRead MoreLiterary Analysis Of The Lottery By Shirley Jackson1534 Words   |  7 Pages Literary Analysis: â€Å"The Lottery† by Shirley Jackson â€Å"The Lottery† by Shirley Jackson is a short story written in 1948. Due to World War II ending around this time, her story took some strong criticism. The people at that time wanted uplifting stories, and this story is the very opposite because of its underlying theme of tradition and conformity. â€Å"The Lottery† shows that no matter the tradition or belief, people will not stray from their daily routine because humans are creatures of habitRead MoreAnalysis Of The Lottery By Shirley Jackson773 Words   |  4 PagesIn the short story, The Lottery, written by Shirley Jackson, is about a small village or some type of society with a yearly tradition called, the lottery. From what the reader may read online, they may find out that during the time period Jackson wrote this, she was interested in magic and witchcraft. Not only that she was also rumored to have gotten rocks thrown at her by children who believed she was a witch. One may also say, that the story wa s absolutely unique and the ending completely shockingRead MoreAnalysis Of The Lottery By Shirley Jackson1060 Words   |  5 Pagesthird point of view about other but our view are mostly to always limited, not knowing everything. In a story called â€Å"Charles† by Shirley Jackson, the author creates a limited first point of view of Laurels mother where the reader reads and understand only what Laurie’s mother understand and see. In the other story also written by Shirley Jackson called â€Å"The Lottery†, the story proceed at a limited third point of view where the reader understands more ideas. Although each storied have a differentRead MoreAnalysis of The Lottery by Shirley Jackson993 Words   |  4 PagesSpanish author, When we blindly adopt a religion, a political system, a literary dogma, we become automatons. We cease to grow. Shirley Jackson was born in 1919 in San Francisco, California to Leslie and Geraldine Jackson. She is most well known for her s hort story titled â€Å"The Lottery† which was first published in The New Yorker to overwhelming and mixed reviews. The lottery, as portrayed in the short story, is a religious, annual ceremony in the afternoon of June 27. This event is said to be olderRead MoreThe Lottery By Shirley Jackson Analysis802 Words   |  4 PagesIf everyone else was doing something, would you? Or maybe if someone needed to be stood up for, would you have their back? In The Lottery, people do follow other people blindly. And the consequences are devastating. But in First They Came, not having someone’s back might get you in the same position†¦ The Lottery by Shirley Jackson is a story that takes place in a small village on a warm summer day. Little boy’s run around in boisterous play, collecting small stones into a pile. As the adults gatherRead MoreAnalysis Of The Lottery By Shirley Jackson784 Words   |  4 Pagesthose groups. Then they came out for him and there was no one left to speak out for him. In the story â€Å"the lottery† by Shirley Jackson it explained how they play the lottery but rather than winning its actually a loss if you win. In the story they have a black box and slips of paper and if you have a black dot on your paper you get stoned to death. In their town it’s a tradition to play the lottery. So they come to the town square they all get called up to get their slip of paper and when everyone gets

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Developing Model of Critical Success Factors

Question: Discuss about the Developing Model of Critical Success Factors. Answer: Introduction: The work focuses on the environment requirements with efficient and the ethical, social work training, to align the work practice objectives, as well as protecting the interests of the service users. For this, the promotion has been of the good standards of better practice and the quality service. (Flin et al, 2000). With the administrators of the social and the human service agencies, the focus is on the real causes which have the positive and the negative impacts on the employing of the organization. Analysis and Discussion The social and the human service workers tend to focus on the meaningful effects to employ the organizations as well as hold the presumptions that this will help in job satisfaction including the social and the human service professions. The organizational factors include the job satisfaction with the social worker and the human service that includes the job satisfaction, with the broad range of the organizational commitment. (Reason, 2016). The role depends on the different factors which include the setting of the organization as well as the needs of the client, communities. The social workers can easily carry out the functions that have been defined under a particular job description. The training values and the skills of the worker tend to evolve the needs of the community. The people interact with the organizations and tend to gain a better analysis to map the organization needs, norms, and the cultures. The force is based on the powerful shaping force where the opportunities and the constraints are set with the larger environment. (Day et al., 2017). The different human service organization tends to interact mainly with the funding bodies, legal authorities, agencies as well as the community groups. The adequate standards are based on the needs and services to clarify the areas of response. There are certain ethical standards which need to be met where the social workers completely adhere to the employers as well as the organization for the employing methods. This will also help in improving the agency policy that is set with certain procedures and the effectiveness of the services. (Smith et al., 2016). The social workers tend to accept the employment and arrange the people with the diligent stewards of the resources for employing organization. The control over the decision making as well as working on the job autonomy is important for the social work job satisfaction. For this, there have been different effects on the organizational commitment of the social standards, with empirical research. The employees have been focusing on the positive effects, with open, supportive and the motivating effects where there is a human service staff. The development also includes the positive attitude where the supervisors tend to support and consider that the employees are satisfied with the work and also committed to the organization. (Gupta et al., 2016). In the present time, the organisation is dynamic, evolving and changing with the change in the external stimuli. Hence, for this, the alliance is set in the form where the organizations like the employees, stakeholders and the interest groups can enhance the interest and work on openness to the community, professional standards as well as the input to the client. The social workers in management positions set to find alternative ways for viewing of the organizations. The leaders also tend to operate the strengths that seek perspective for the achievement of better goals. The promotion is also based on providing better services to the clients where the approach is collaborative. Being an efficient organization worker, I have to focus on the increased skill levels as well as the workforce flexibility so that management could be done in a proper manner. (Pelser et al., 2016). The issues are mainly concerning the deployment skills where there is a range of competitiveness of organization with the penalty to the insufficient training. The research also includes the HR policies with the intensification of work and the job insecurity. The performance is set where the employees and the enthusiasts tend to work on the soft model of the HRM argue which include certainly valued assets with the competitive advantage that holds the development, trust, and collaboration. The research is based on the management with securing the employee compliance through the labor contract. (Smith et al., 2016). As per the analysis of the performance target set, flexibility is necessary to meet the shortage, intensify the work with accompanied form of the training and up gradation. The changes in the work are through the demarcations where the up skilling of the workforce could easily be set through the functional flexibility. The innovation also includes the working practices that target the changing behaviour as well as encouraging the self-organisations. The intensification of work is im portant for productivity where the case includes the cross-skill flexibility as well as a better quantity of production. This has been mainly relating to the computing technology as well as to drive the organization for a better performance indicator. The payment and the job security is the strategy for the extraction of the labour effort. There have been firms who tend to attract and retain the wages with the higher rate of the unpromising labour market. The strategy is based on labour to cheapen the costs as well as reduce the power to bargain with the in-hour workforce. (Brun et al., 2016). Conclusion The human service workers tend to hold the benefits which involve the quality initiatives with certain productivity measures. There has been a corporate-wide suggestion which includes the maintenance of the managers to avoid all the publicity forms of the people that are set due to the cost cutting forms. Hence, the emphasis is on the responsibility with the elimination of the waste as well as working on job design and work process as well. Reference Brun, J., Cooper, C. (2016).Missing pieces: 7 ways to improve employee well-being and organizational effectiveness. Springer. Day, A., Nielsen, K. (2017). What Does Our Organization Do 16 to Help Our Well-Being? Creating Healthy Workplaces and Workers.An Introduction to Work and Organizational Psychology: An International Perspective, 295. Flin, R., Mearns, K., O'Connor, P., Bryden, R. (2000). Measuring safety climate: identifying the common features.Safety science,34(1), 177-192. Gupta, H., Bisen, J., Kumar, S., Das, S. (2016). Developing a model of critical success factors for TQM implementation in MSMEs in India and their effect on internal and external quality of organisation.International Journal of Business Excellence,10(4), 449-475. Pelser, H. J., Bosch, A., Schurink, W. (2016). An organisational coherence model to maintain employee contributions during organisational crises: original research.SA Journal of Human Resource Management,14(1), 1-11. Reason, J. (2016).Managing the risks of organizational accidents. Routledge. Smith, M., Cree, V. E., MacRae, R., Sharp, D., Wallace, E., OHalloran, S. (2016). Social Suffering: Changing Organisational Culture in Children and Families Social Work through Critical Reflection GroupsInsights from Bourdieu.British Journal of Social Work, bcw087.

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Wireless Articles 1 Essay Example Essay Example

Wireless Articles 1 Essay Example Paper Wireless Articles 1 Essay Introduction There is no doubt that times have changed from the first time Alexander Graham Bell thought of inventing a telephone. Nowadays, telephones are not merely for voice calls because it has evolved to become one of the greatest communication tools in history with Internet, messaging, and music capabilities. More and more technological advances are being done in the telecommunication field every year.One of this advances is called 3G, which is â€Å"the third generation of mobile phone standards and technology that enables network operators to offer users a wider range of more advanced services while achieving greater network capacity through improved spectral efficiency.†[1] It was first launched in Japan in 2001 developed after 1G and 2G technologies to offer faster and better communication to consumers. Currently, even with the development of 4G technology, mobile phone companies like Apple, Nokia, and Sony Ericsson produce their phones with 3G capabilities since many of their co nsumers look for this service when choosing a phone. However, not all is positive with 3G. Concerns including the cost of licenses, cost of 3G mobile phones, lack of coverage, expense of the service and Internet fees, and high power usage are being debated by both providers and consumers.[2]The article does not include a specific author making it hard for the information to be trusted. Also, the fact that Wikipedia is an online group community that can be accessed by anyone and everyone decreases its reliability in terms of the information indicated. The same cannot be said with the topic, however, because 3G is known to be one of the best development in the mobile phone industry at this time. This is most helpful to businessmen and women who need the Internet access at any time of the day. This technology also affects those who have families and friends out of the country because communicating not just by voice calls can be done. Although 3G still has its own issues to deal with, i t is still one of the best advancements in technology during this time.Wireless Articles 2Communication is an essential part of the everyday lives of humans. It is not only through voice communication or through hand-written or typed documents because there are just those data that are too large or too long to be typed, written, or spoken. Fortunately, the Internet has been made available to everyone, which makes the exchange of large data much easier. However, some people still find computers and the Internet too time-consuming, which is why wireless devices such as Bluetooth were developed.â€Å"Bluetooth (BT) wireless technology provides an easy way for a wide range of devices to communicate with each other and connect to the Internet without the need for wires, cables, and connectors.†[3] Not only is it used in mobile phones, but several devices including laptops and cars are also being installed with Bluetooth services. It was first developed in 1994 by a team of researc hers and at this time, it is known to â€Å"allow two Bluetooth-enabled devices within 10 to 100 meters range to share data†[4] without the need of wires or Internet connection. Because this technology works by sharing data, it is very important to know proper security measures to avoid transmission of data to the wrong party or receiving malicious and harmful content. To address this concern, the developers had consumers the option to display or hide their devices from other devices. There is also the feature of requiring a passcode for the two devices to connect first before sending the data. Still, there are those applications that are made to hack these devices and gather private and important information. Manufacturers also do not take much time in specifying addresses for their Bluetooth-enabled products, which makes it easier for hackers to determine the addresses. The article also states that consumers who have little knowledge about Bluetooth are at risk of having th eir devices hacked or acquiring viruses.There is no doubt that Bluetooth is a helpful tool when it comes to sharing information, especially when time is of concern. However, the author is right when he stated that people, consumers most notably, should remember that they should always research and try to secure their devices because there are numerous individuals who have negative intentions and abuse their power and knowledge in technology.Wireless Articles 3The Internet is one of the most important technological developments in mankind’s history. It has paved way for more advanced communication, data exchange, and information access. Because of its great importance and use in people’s personal lives and the business world, more and more organizations offer the service through wireless connection.In 2007, Intel announced that it will â€Å"support WiMax and 802.11b/g/n on the same piece of silicon with the Montevina mobile platform, but will also offer a WiMax-only c ard.†[5] Contrary to the current WiFi service, â€Å"WiMax can provide broadband wireless access up to 30 miles for fixed stations, and 3 to 10 miles for mobile stations.†[6] This improvement in the hardware from WiFi to WiMax by Intel will surely attract consumers and providers especially those who greatly use the Internet to work, study, or get in touch with their loved ones. Intel is trusted by consumers and although WiMax is only getting started in the field, one can anticipate the impact it will bring once the hardware is made available in the market.WiMax-enabled computers and other devices will make studying, working, or communicating a much easier task for those concerned. It also contributes to the history of technology and marks as an evidence that through technology, distance is of no issue. It even contributes to faster and more efficient working since it allows â€Å"download speeds of 2 to 4 Mbps.†[7] To evaluate, the article seems to be providing a good news to those who depend on mobility in terms of using their devices, as well as in terms of being able to function whenever and wherever it is needed.Wireless Article 4With the vast amount of developments in technology today, it is important to know the best and economical applications, software, and hardware that exist in the market. Knowledge of such things makes it easier what to buy and what service to use because it suits one’s lifestyle and needs better. Not only will it provide a way to choose what is better but it also enhances a person’s knowledge regarding technology.Because mobile phones are very much popular and in demand these days, companies make sure that they keep up with what the consumers need and want. They enable their products with different kinds of capabilities and services so that users do not have to look somewhere else. Two of the features that mobile phone companies provide are the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) and CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) network technologies. Both are excellent in providing what customers need, which is telecommunication capabilities, but they differ in terms of how the provide it. The GSM technology allows consumers to choose from a variety of mobile phones, use a SIM card from mobile network providers, and use a better international roaming service while CDMA technology makes its consumers buy an entire package from a service provider that contains the handset and the service.[8]In summary, both technologies are excellent in providing what the consumers need or else they would not be used by major network providers. A person just has to weigh what is more suitable for his lifestyle when choosing what kind of mobile phone service to avail. Flexibility is one of the major features of a GSM network while clarity and efficiency can be depended on with CDMA networks.Wireless Article 5With the numerous mobile phone manufacturers today, it cannot be helped that mobile pho ne service providers are also increasing. There is no country that offers only one service provider, which makes it hard for consumers to choose what kind of service they want. Fortunately for most people who are not contented with one service provider or for those who need more than just one, there are companies that can unlock mobile phones and make it possible for a user to use multiple SIM cards in one mobile phone. Of course, one has to have a GSM enabled phone to be able to do this since CDMA phones are locked to a specific network.There are many reasons why an individual want to have his or her phone unlocked: one is wanting to change the current wireless provider in the United States and still keep the phone; two is changing a provider with a new phone but still want to keep the other provider; and three traveling outside the country without having to pay for higher international roaming fees.[9] Whatever the reason is, it always comes down to not having to choose a certain service provider simply because every available provider can be used. Several companies and individuals offer users a way to unlock their mobile phones either by proving a code or by using an application.Unlocking phones are useful for those who need it and for those who require it. However, it should still be remembered that there are numerous malicious individuals who can try to abuse this kind of flexibility. SIM cards, in most countries, are readily available and does not require a person to register and provide security information thus making it hard for them to be tracked down when they use their SIM cards for illegal acts because they can simply throw the cards away without anyone tracing it back to them.BibliographyBangeman, Eric. â€Å"WiMax Coming to Intel Laptops in 2008.† ARS Technica, April 16, 2007. in-2008.html (4 August 2008).Bialoglowy, Marek. â€Å"Bluetooth Security Review, Part 1.† Security Focus, April 25, 2005. (4 August 2008).Hick, Matthew. â€Å"Cell Phone Unlocking – What Purpose Does It Have?† Articlebase, January 1, 2008. what-purpose-does-it-have-294032.html (4 August 2008).Sharma, Mohit. â€Å"GSM vs. CDMA Mobile Technology.† Articlesbase, January 5, 2008. technology-400824.html (4 August 2008).Wikipedia. â€Å"3G.† Wikipedia, August 3, 2008. (4 August 2008).[1] Wikipedia, â€Å"3G,† August 3, 2008. (4 August 2008).[2] Ibid.[3] Marek Bialoglowy, â€Å"Bluetooth Security Review, Part 1,† April 25, 2005. (4 August 2008).[4] Ibid.[5] Eric Bangeman, â€Å"WiMax Coming to Intel Laptops in 2008,† April 16, 2007. (4 August 2008).[6], â€Å"What is WiMAX?† (4 August 2008).[7] Eric Bangeman, â€Å"WiMax Coming to Intel Laptops in 2008,† April 16, 2007. (4 August 2008).[8] Mohit Sharma, â€Å"GSM vs. CDMA Mobile Technology,† January 5, 2008. (4 August 2008).[9] Matthew Hick, â€Å"Cell Phone Unlocking – What Purpose Does It Have?† January 1, 2008. (4 August 2008). Wireless Articles 1 Essay Thank you for reading this Sample!

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Analysis Of A Christmas Carol Essays

Analysis Of A Christmas Carol Essays Analysis Of A Christmas Carol Essay Analysis Of A Christmas Carol Essay Essay Topic: A Christmas Carol I think this is very noble of him because Bob Cratchitt wouldve been very grateful to him and this also would have changed the rest of the Cratchitts family, especially Mrs Cratchitt (who expressed her great dislike of Scrooge on Christmas day) perception of him. However Scrooge does not want this glory because it defeats the object of sending the turkey he wishes to remain anonymous. He also learns that Christmas is a time for forgiveness and for being with family. He went to church, and walked about the streets, and watched the people hurrying to and fro, and patted the children on the head, and questioned beggars, and looked and looked down into the kitchens of houses, and up to the window; and found that everything could yield him pleasure. He already knows that there is no profit in celebrating Christmas, however he now realises that this is not the point and he should appreciate the joy that the Christmas season conveys. He finds delight in everything, even things that previously vexed him. He never dreamed that any walk that anything could give him so much happiness. Now with this quote it sounds pretty pointless with a lack of emphasis yet if you look it will become apparent that the little things are beginning to affect his beliefs on Christmas and what its consequences are (not in a bad way). Furthermore, it was showing that he would never even dream of changing his actions towards Christmas so therefore with that, it obviously shows with the dramatic information he has had inflicted on him, has really motivated him for the Christmas season. I think in general Dickens is trying to tell the Victorian audience that it is possible to change for the better. He shows this through Scrooge when he pays a visit to Fred, his nephew. He was at home in five minutes. Nothing could be heartier Wonderful party, wonderful games, wonderful unanimity, won-der-ful happiness! Here I think Scrooge is in disbelief that his nephew still wants to know him and doesnt denounce him because of what he said earlier when his nephew visited him in his office. And so we learn that there is change in everybody and sometimes it can be a surprise.

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The City, the Subject and the Digital Image Essay

The City, the Subject and the Digital Image - Essay Example Urban alienation, therefore, becomes a favored subject in the works of literature and visual arts.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Red Road, an impressive, idiosyncratic and directorial debut by Andrea Arnold, the winner of the Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival of 2006, is a suspense thriller known for its complex structure and theme of alienation. This movie is the first of three films that originated as a part of Lars von Trier’s post-Dogma Advance Party project, wherein Arnold and two other new directors were to create three low-budget DV films in different genres around a minimally outlined set of characters that are to be played by the same group of actors. The movie unfolds with the theme of abuse of information through the electronic surveillance devised by the governments of the twentieth century. Electronic surveillance, which is practiced for the benefit of the public for their social coherence and protection, in fact becomes a tool in the hands of some who desire more from the society. The modern surveillance technology is effective in delivering virtual truth through the proliferation of high-resolution cameras that are largely looming over urban areas. If this can be seen as a mode of protection, then it can also be identified as a fine example of modern authoritarianism that is progressively diminishing our privacy. In Red Road, we find electronic surveillance becoming a personalized virtual power used by the protagonist to serve her purpose of revenge. Plot:   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Set in Glasgow, Red Road depicts the story of Jackie (Kate Dickie), who is a low-paid CCTV operative whose duty is to scan the northern side of the city and to alert the emergency services to events like stabbings and muggings that require their presence. Jackie is in her thirties who is devoid of family and friends and her life, mostly robotic, is limited to the occasional smiles that occur while watching over the normal life of ordinary folks on-screen. She clo sely monitors the many CCTV cameras from a lonely dark room and passes her time by watching the life of those people who live nearer to cameras. Her routine is disrupted when she spots Clyde (Tony Curran), the man responsible for the deaths of her husband and young child, who is in parole for good behavior. Jackie tries to gather some dirt on Clyde by misusing her position of CCTV operator. In vengeance, she begins to remotely pursuit Clyde and to learn more of his life she even begins to physically stalking Clyde. Clyde, who shares a flat in the Red Road Estate with the disturbed youngsters Stevie (Martin Compston) and April (Natalie Press), draws himself closer to Jackie. Jackie, after several meetings, sleeps with Clyde and then accuses him of rape. Clyde's attempts to re-unite with his own teenage girl dissolve the hatred in Jackie and she drops the charges. The movie ends with a positive note, wherein we find Jackie reconciling with her in-laws and is contemplating a future. An alysis: Choosing Glasgow for the plot invites our attention and appreciation as the city serves as a location where the story unwinds, characters meet and explore their own racial and sexual identities. Being a city Glasgow captures the consciousness of its citizens and accentuated social cohesion, where every citizen is dependent on each other for their very existence. The city through its